Saturday, December 16, 2017

Type001A Aircraft Carrier CV17 Shandong construction update (Dec 16th, 2017)

According to the PLA Daily, CV17 Shangdong is expected to start blue-water trials soon.  Judging from Grangbin's photos below, it is likely to be the case. 

Illustration by South China Morning Post.

Dengfeng Warrior EQ2010EB (6x6 Arms Flat Wagon), a closer look

Photo credit goes to situ of 

Its IYC6DV diesel outputs 237HP, pushes it to a maximum road speed 120km/h and with a range of 500km.  It is in service with both the PLA and PAP,  also available for export. 

The name "Dengfeng Warrior EQ2010EB (6x6 Arms Flat Wagon)" is their marketing name, not mine.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Screen captures of the day: Next Generation of Dongfeng Light Utility Vehicle Under Eval in Tibet

Tech/spec is not yet available but it seems beefier and of course, armed with a remote weapon station.  There is a 6x6 flatbed light pick-up truck variant also, targeting the ever growing Chinese redneck market I suppose.  

 Beer cup holder is extra -- I can totally imagine they would over charging such an essential item

Here is the in-service model can be ordered at Alibaba for ~100,000 USD per copy

Tech/Spec on the current model at posted at Alibaba

Technical Specification Of  Dongfeng Armored Truck 

ItemArmored VehicleArmored Vehicle
(6 passengers)(10 passengers)
Size SpecificationTotal Length(mm)50505750
Total Width(mm)2350
Total Height(mm)1860
Front Overhang(mm)755
Rear Overhang(mm)995
The Height between the back floor and the Ground(mm)845(Full load)/935(Empty load)
The Height between the draw hook center and the Ground(mm)645(Full load)/725(Empty load)
The distance between the back of Single Cab and the front axle.(mm)2150
Effective using length on the Back(mm)20502750
Weight SpecificationChassis Weight(kg)39004200/4800
Front Axle Weight(kg)22002300/2300
Rear Axle Weight(kg)17001900/2500
The Height between unloading barycentre and the Ground(mm)870
The maximum allowable total weight(kg)57006100
Front axle maximum total mass25002700
Rear axle maximum total mass32003400
maximum laden mass(kg)(including the vehicle back strength weight)21001600/1200
Maxium allowable Height between the top weapon center and the rear floor(mm)720
Mobility parametersSet shipping and handling mooring point and tied reinforcement, thus it can make whole bundle and lifting, and adapt Il-76, eight transport aircraft shipments and 069-type landing craft, N16-type railway flat car transport requirements; also meet the Il-76 airdrop requirements.
Max. Speed(km/h)130
specific power(kw/t)24.5
0~80km/acceleration time(s)23
minimum diameter of turning diameter(m)1517.5
Ramp Angle(°)31.526
minimum ground clearance(m)410
The largest moving side slope(%)≥40
fording depth (m)1.2
Vertical obstacle height(mm)450
The trench width(mm)700
driving range(km)≥600

Body designs that the front can prevent Type 53, 7.62 mm, Wo-109C typearmor-piercing incendiary in distance 100 meters; the back and side can prevent 7.62 mm ordinary steel core bullet in distance 100 meters. Roof plate thickness is 3 mm, steel underbody thickness is 4 mm.
Survivability performanceThe tire has the function of keep moving in deflated situation,if any two tires deflated, the vehicle still can move 30 kilemeters in speed 30-40 meters/hours. And its oil tank is with explosion suppression measure.
The vehicle front is equiped with towing hook,  can equiped with winch by optional, rear part is with traction hook, so it can realize self-help and mutualaid.
It can install hang camouflage nets, occupant safety belt, install air defense lamp.The car is equipped with extinguishing equipment. Optionally with infrared night driving device.
Good pilot view, easy operation;Convenient for passenger sitting and easy getting on and off.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Say goodbye to the 14 Armed Police Mobile Divisions 武警机动师

As part of the 19th CCP Party Congress deliverables, the CMC is downsizing fourteen Armed Police Mobile Divisions 武警机动师 to just four divisions.  The PAP is under the command of both the Ministry of Public Security (Civilian) and the Central Military Commission (Military).

After the downsizing is completed by end of 2018, the four reformed Mobile Divisions will lose all its supporting organizations, keeping only four training academies.   Its engineering school, political college, logistics support, Military Police units, Art-and-Entertainment troupes, hospitals and medical units, retirement homes, etc will be merged into  Ministry of Public Security HQ or decommissioned altogether.  (here)  Its existing "Corp Level Grade" will be changed to "Division Level Grade", making it much less powerful within the Chinese bureaucracy.

PAP mobile divisions are not your everyday "police with guns".  They were ex-PLA divisions partly transferred to the Ministry of Public Security in 1996 to be deployed regularly to civilian trouble spots within China on short notice.  Noticeable examples are the 2009 Xinjiang riot in which a total of 15,000 PAP reinforcements were deployed to that region.  They were deployed to Tibet during the 2008 Tibetan unrest. 

They were one of the first responders to natural distastes such as the 2008 earthquake.  As recent as July 2016, four mobile divisions (~35,000 troops) were deployed to fight the East China flood (here)

From "The Chinese Army Today: Tradition and Transformation for the 21st Century"
By Dennis J. Blasko, here is a list of 14 PAP mobile divisions and their former PLA division numbers:

The PAP mobile division HQ commands their own organic helicopter units, light artillery and IFV,  very much a paramilitary organization.  It will be interesting to learn more about their mandate of this smaller PAP organization when it becomes available.

Hey, the 90s called and they want their infantry fire support weapons back.  Joking aside,  PAP mobile divisions can still operate as light infantry today.  Not sure that will be the case after the downsizing -- they could be specializing into an anti-terror centric organization, becoming smaller and more capable of responding to home-grown attacks.  This will free up PLA's SpOps units to focus more on war-fighting.  Time will tell. 

 PAP with Civilian Police (GongAn)

Friday, October 27, 2017

Another year, another new Chinese APC

The Ministry of National Defense of the PRC just released three photos of a new family of 6x6 wheeled APC currently under evaluation.  It is intended to replace the older Type92 6x6 APC in service with the PAP (People's Armed Police) with a modern design, upgraded armor protection and a remote weapon system (RWS).    I suppose the Chinese do not want to be outdone in heavy-handed community policing set by the US urban SWAT. 

The older Type92 police APC in service with the PAP.